Our small, friendly team includes six core members of staff supported by seasonal field ecologists throughout our busy summer season. Our permanent members of staff hold years of experience in the field and have successfully managed a variety of projects, from small-scale applications right through to major development projects. We have a particular expertise with bats and development, from the initial roost inspection right through to bat European Protected Species (EPS) licensing. 

Becci Smith MCIEEM
Licensed ecologist

Becci has been working in the ecology industry for many years, and in particular has specialist experience in working with bats. She is one of the only ecologists in the UK to hold the new Low-Impact Class Licence (BLICL) for bats. She has successfully managed large-scale projects, including the Aldershot Urban Extension in Hampshire where she had conducted field work, delivered advice and developed a myriad of bat mitigation strategies over the course of five years. She currently holds over 70 bat mitigation licences and holds Natural England Class licences for bats, dormice, great crested newts, sand lizards and smooth snakes and barn owls.

Russell Hoyle ACIEEM
Licensed ecologist

Russell has years of experience in producing EPS bat licences and holds particular experience in conducting supervisory works for bats. He has therefore experienced a range of potential issues associated with bats and development, and has successfully devised solutions to see projects through to completion.  He has developed competencies in conducting a range of protected species surveys, and holds a NPTC Level 2 Certificate of Competence in Brushcutting Operations. Russell currently holds Natural England Class licences for bats and great crested newts.

Sophie Morris
Assistant ecologist

Sophie has been working in the ecology industry since 2017. She has experience in assisting protected species surveys including bats, great crested newts, nesting birds and reptiles. Sophie has a particular interest in botany and is working towards her Class 1 bat licence, as well as a barn owl and great crested newt licence.

Amy Parsons ACIEEM
Licensed ecologist

Amy has years of experience in the ecology field, conducting protected species surveys including bats, great crested newts, dormice, badgers and reptiles. She has supervised ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) for reptiles, bats, great crested mewts, nesting birds, badgers, water voles, otters and dormice. Amy has particular experience in bat ecology and mitigating for bats as part of the planning process. She has successfully managed project works for major residential and mixed-use applications. She currently holds Natural England Class licences for bats, dormice and great crested newts. Amy now works on a part time basis undertaking report reviewing processes. 

Phil Smith ACIEEM
Licensed ecologist

Phil has years of experience in the ecology sector, he has been particularly involved with bats-related projects for homeowner applications and small residential developments. Phil has a particular interest in botany and in his spare time he has been a part of the Bat Conservation Trust as a Volunteer Bat Roost Visitor (VBRV), as well as looking after bats in care. He has held bat mitigation licences and holds Natural England class licences for bats, great crested newts, smooth snakes and sand lizards, white-clawed crayfish and barn owls. 

Laurence Wills
Graduate ecologist
Laurence pic.jpg

Laurence graduated from Sparsholt University with a BSc in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in 2021. He has experience in assisting with a range of ecological surveys including Preliminary Roost Appraisals, Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, reptiles, hazel dormice, small mammal, and bat activity surveys. Laurence has a particular interest in reptiles and is currently working towards his personal sand lizard and smooth snake survey licence and Class 2 bat licence.


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Field/seasonal ecologists 

We are currently seeking seasonal/field ecologists to support us during our busy field season commencing from April/May 2021. We are seeking enthusiastic and hard working individuals to join our well-established and growing team to assist in field work for a wide range of projects, mainly involving bat surveys, although there may be opportunities to undertake works involving reptiles and other protected species. If you think this might be of interest to you, then please send us your CV and a cover letter/email detailing your experience and qualifications to Hours to be variable including both night time/early morning and weekend work. Full UK driving licence is preferred and eligibility to work in the UK essential.